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Awilda Lips

Awilda made an observation last night that made her laugh out loud on the subway. Chicken in a can shouldn’t come in liquid. It’s just wrong. We accept it with tuna. Fish are meant to be in liquid. Chickens are air breathers. Awilda often had thoughts like that. Quick random shots through the dark that made her laugh out loud, or cry quite a lot. She liked to laugh. She didn’t like the crying at all. The laughing helped her forget the dark things. The crying reminded her that the laughing was a lie.

Awilda killed her first vampire when she was six years old. He was a child just like she was. He attacked her and she stabbed him in the heart. Just like that. Nice and easy. She was young, but she knew exactly what he was. She had seen the movies. She knew Bela Lugosi when she saw him. So Awilda killed him and buried his body in the abandoned building where it happened.

There were questions. There were police and an investigation. The boy was a friend, of a friend, of a friend, so no one really talked to her about the incident. They couldn’t find him for a long time and then the questions stopped. They never found the body. Just a few years ago the building was demolished. They built a church on that spot. Awilda laughed a lot when she heard they had done that.

Awilda was a demure young lady of twenty-six now, with an indefatigable mind in a myriad of places. She was very pretty. Not too thin. Not too heavy. She was a bit on the tall side with lots of leg. Her flesh was creamy white with light pink tones. The vampires loved her for all those lovely attributes. They were all foolishly drawn to her because of them. Awilda was her own secret weapon.

She loved her full breasts. She loved the weight of them in her hands. She was also quite fond of her derriere. It was round and plump. Whenever she couldn’t sleep she would lay on her side, close her eyes, and slowly breathe three deep breaths while she caressed all her curves. The sensation would always lull her into dreamtime. Awilda loved her body. She started to develop her shapely presence when she turned thirteen. That’s when she killed her second vampire.

He toyed with her mind. He put his hands on her. Awilda could feel his nails trying to cut into her. She could feel his teeth on her neck. She punched him where it counted, and while he writhed in pain she reached into her backpack for what she needed and staked him. Awilda had learned to carry a knife and a stake with her at all times.

She was so angry that it had happened again, that she cut his head off and burned his body. Just like she read in the books. She wanted to make sure he wouldn’t come back again. There was another investigation and a lot more questions. She had just met him. She really didn’t know him. She stupidly never suspected him. No one came looking for her when they found his charred remains downtown in the East Village.

Awilda started riding the trains into the city when she was ten. She came from a big family and she got ignored quite a lot. At first Awilda thought it was her fault. Perhaps there was something wrong with her. Perhaps she wasn’t worthy of their love and attention, or any special consideration. She felt isolated, but there was no true solitude. Awilda had things on her mind. Awilda was going to get out of that home as soon as she could.

She came to see the MetroCard as an escape key. The minute she hit the city she could feel the vampire energy. She could see their eyes on her. Awilda could hear their minds calling to her. There were lots of them. She didn’t want to stop going into Manhattan. She truly loved the colors, the smells, and the sounds of the city. So she learned to take precautions and carry more protection. Awilda also decided she needed to start making plans in order to curtail this infestation.


Awilda’s story was originally intended for an anthology submission, but Amazon bestselling author Edward Medina fell in love with her, and decided to keep Awilda all to himself.

Now it’s time for him to share her with you.

The story of Awilda is an urban paranormal trip through the mind of a dedicated hunter. A hunter specifically designed to kill a very particular form of vampire. Believing it to be her mission since birth, Awilda puts a meticulously planned set of events in motion in order to eradicate the world of this infestation. Good girl by day, holy terror by night, Awilda is not the type of woman you’ll soon forget.

“Rarely has a character so quickly mesmerized me as the elusive, sensual, bibliophile Awilda. She is both protagonist and antagonist, lovable and tragic. The author counters humorous quips with startling violence. There is an effortless lyrical rhythm to his story that practically sings off the page.” – Amazon Reader

“Awilda is innocence lost, a conflicted mind, plotting and cold, psychologically damaged, librarian by day and femme fatale by night. if you enjoy short stories, the paranormal, vampires, and insight into the contrasting dark world of a calculating, yet seductive killer, then Awilda is worthy of your reading list.” – Glenn Starkey author of Amazon Moon

Awilda debuted in the top five on the Amazon bestseller list for Short Stories Horror and has earned 20 Amazon and Goodreads ★★★★★ reviews from readers, reviewers, authors, and bloggers.

Awilda is available on Amazon.

Alice Author Pic

Edward Medina is an Amazon KDP bestselling author of high fantasy, dark horror, and epic adventure books, short stories, and poems. To date his combined works have earned over one hundred and fifty Amazon and Goodreads five star reviews from readers, reviewers, bloggers, teachers and fellow authors.

He is a native New Yorker who over time has built a significant and multifaceted career. He has been a producer, director, and writer for both digital media and the New York Off and Off – Off Broadway stages. He also had the honor and the privilege to work for the late great Jim Henson creator of the Muppets.

Edward founded a successful independent production company dedicated to family entertainment and children’s causes. He also established a multimedia company in order to assist nonprofits achieve their own cause related goals. He went on to become a theme park designer. For fun he became a steam train engineer and has been since childhood a sometime magician.

Currently Edward is a critic and feature entertainment columnist covering Broadway, Off Broadway, Off-Off Broadway, Clubs and Cabarets for TheaterScene and The Fire Island Sun. He also maintains his love of theatrical production by continuing to create new works for both stage and screen. And his dream of building a fully realized world of fantasy on tropical shores is still very much alive and well.

If you’d like more detailed information on Edward’s work, visit his LinkedIn profile or his website. You can also explore his books, follow him on Twitter, like his page on Facebook, and subscribe to his blog on WordPress.

Edward Medina is proud to be a member of the American Theatre Critics Association, the Dramatists Guild, the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, and the Horror Writers Association.

Edward Medina Author

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