Bones, Crowns and Gaman (AXP2): Gaman

Photo Sep 16, 11 42 40 PMA fox woke on a rowboat far out at sea.

The water was choppy and the wind was blowing gently but both carried promises of more to come. Storm clouds were gathering. The fox could see them darkening the star-studded sky. The wind chilled and a bank of quick moving fog rolled in with it. The naked fox looked for anything in the empty boat to cover himself when he discovered that there were no oars either.

As the fog engulfed the drifting boat, a rope dropped from the sky. The knotted end fell hard onto the floor of his boat. The fox looked up but there was nothing much to see. All he saw was the other end disappearing into the clouds above. He gave the thick rope a tug. The line was fully secured somewhere above him. Seeing no alternative, as the water became choppy and the rowboat began rocking with the waves, he grasped on to the rope and began to climb.

The naked fox had no tangible recollection of how he had arrived at this moment. All he thought he knew for sure was that he had died somehow. There was a rush of bracing wind as he continued to climb. The fox had found his afterlife and it was a cold bitter place. He took a pause and looked down. The boat below him was inundated in water as the chop became more aggressive. He watched as his little vessel took on water and was swallowed whole by the angry sea. With no hope below he began to climb again.

The fox could now hear a deep hum coming from above him. He had no idea what could be making that sound but he was committed to the climb and that meant getting closer to the source. A sudden image in his mind made him stop. There she was. A peahen with an alluring smile. There was a tavern. A mad squirrel. The fox was an actor. There was a performance. A maniacal crow was there.

The fox began to feel dizzy. There was a mug with a drink. He could taste the burn of the brew again. He began having trouble breathing. His memories were killing him even in death. The fox was a criminal. He had a price to pay. There had been love but it was gone now. There was a pain in his chest. His heartbeat was racing. The peahen had a name. It was Minerva. The fox could feel himself falling. She was Fate. The fox was about to lose his grip on the rope when it began to pull him upwards.

The speed of the quick pull snapped him back to the moment. He was no longer in control of his climb. He was being pulled higher and higher through a black cloud. The rope and the fox burst through the cloud top and all was suddenly still. There was no storm here. There was no wind or rain or fog. There was just clear night sky and the silhouette of a grand ship floating freely in the dark.

Photo Nov 24, 11 05 21 PMBones, Crowns and Gaman is the second novella in the Adventures of the X Pirates series. Amazon readers have already made both A Murder of Crows, the prolog to these tales, and The Demise of Foxy Jack the first adventure Amazon best sellers in both the Fantasy and Action Adventure categories.

This installment will tell us how a murderous villain established his secret island base and began spreading his agenda of terror. How a young Queen came to power while those around her plotted against the throne and the ruling family. There’s a masked soothsayer with dire warnings, a mysterious foreign lover with plans of her own, a master architect of death’s design, and a hero who wakes on a rowboat far out at sea with no recollection as to how he got there.

Bones, Crowns and Gaman returns you to an all animal world full of epic pirate fantasy, where nothing is what it seems, and everything is suspect. A world where both heroes and villains have a tortured past and every twist and turn tests their resolve. This is a tale of power and politics, questioned faith and questionable motives, and it’s your next port of call in the Adventures of the X Pirates.

”Bones, Crowns and Gaman is full of drama, love, lust, mystery, intrigue, betrayal, and political mischief. I’m hesitant to say any more without spoiling the plot but I’ve now read all three of these novellas and each one gets better and better. I love how the characters keep growing and the world keeps expanding. The Adventures of the X Pirates series is just like Game of Thrones but with an all animal cast. I highly recommend these books to anyone looking for a grand adventure.” – Amazon Reader

Bones, Crowns and Gaman debuted in the Top Five on the Amazon bestseller lists for both Fantasy and Action Adventure. To date the Adventures of the X Pirates series has earned 32 Amazon and Goodreads ★★★★★ reviews from readers, reviewers, teachers, authors, and bloggers.

Bones, Crowns and Gaman is available on Amazon.

Edward MedinaEdward Medina is an Amazon KDP bestselling author of high fantasy, dark horror, and epic adventure books, short stories, and poems. To date his combined works have earned over one hundred and fifty Amazon and Goodreads five star reviews from readers, reviewers, bloggers, teachers and fellow authors.

He is a native New Yorker who over time has built a significant and multifaceted career. He has been a producer, director, and writer for both digital media and the New York Off and Off – Off Broadway stages. He also had the honor and the privilege to work for the late great Jim Henson creator of the Muppets.

Edward founded a successful independent production company dedicated to family entertainment and children’s causes. He also established a multimedia company in order to assist nonprofits achieve their own cause related goals. He went on to become a theme park designer. For fun he became a steam train engineer and has been since childhood a sometime magician.

Currently Edward is a critic and feature entertainment columnist covering Broadway, Off Broadway, Off-Off Broadway, Clubs and Cabarets for TheaterScene and The Fire Island Sun. He also maintains his love of theatrical production by continuing to create new works for both stage and screen. And his dream of building a fully realized world of fantasy on tropical shores is still very much alive and well.

If you’d like more detailed information on Edward’s work, visit his LinkedIn profile or his website. You can also explore his books, follow him on Twitter, like his page on Facebook, and subscribe to his blog on WordPress.

Edward Medina is proud to be a member of the American Theatre Critics Association, the Dramatists Guild, the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, and the Horror Writers Association.

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